Pages from Liz’s Journal (and Photos from Her Camera!)

March 14, 2006
Poems and Photographs from Walden


In the calm the quiet I pause and cease

A twin vision unveiled

A small serene moment seeping in peace

Creates revelation profoundly availed. 




Intangible sun
Warming and kind
Mirage of bliss that could smolder lips

Unrivaled beckoning,
It calls our attention

Shines bright in reciprocation
Establishes a heavenly connection.




A Branch catches my leg,
Grabs me in and commands my
Draws me into another time of
mystical connection,
With nature, with self.

I turn my attention to an
alternate direction and see myself
where the liquid lake meets the
floating mass of ice. A
combination of separate parts,
making a whole. Myself reflected
in a body of water.




Elizabeth Bessom is an English major at Shepherd University.


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