About This Site


This site was developed as a class project for ENGL 446 and ENGL 447, two interrelated courses on American Transcendentalism and the Prominence of Place. The courses were offered in the Spring 2002 semester by Dr. Patricia Dwyer and Dr. Linda Tate, both associate professors of English at Shepherd College (now Shepherd University) in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. In Spring 2006, Linda offered the course again, and more students contributed journal entries, sketches, poems, and photographs.

All of the students in the classes, as well as Patricia and Linda, contributed to the materials on this site. We hope this site will give you a sense of the American Transcendentalists and the many writers and environmental activists they have inspired, as well as the many possibilities for creativity learning in higher education.

Linda served as webmaster for this project. Please email her with questions, suggestions, additions, corrections. 

It is safe to say that for, all of us, this course was a uniquely life-affirming experience. 


Pictured above (from left to right): Dr. Linda Tate, Sarah Alouf, Tiffany Lawrence, Deidre Schaefer, T C Williams, Catherine Hall, Paul Kelley, Dr. Patricia Dwyer, Anna Hughes, Lizzie Lowe, Dan Marrs (collection of Linda Tate).

“American Transcendentalism: An Online Travel Guide” was produced by students in ENGL 446, American Transcendentalism, and ENGL 447, American Literature and the Prominence of Place: A Travel Practicum. These courses were team-taught in the Department of English at Shepherd College (now Shepherd University), Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in Spring 2002 by Dr. Patricia Dwyer and Dr. Linda Tate. For more information on the course and the web project, visit “About This Site.” © 2003 Linda Tate.