Special Presentations

Some folks in the class were especially inspired by the readings and discussions. Their responses to the Transcendentalists and contemporary nature writers went beyond words.

View drawings and sketches from Amanda, Dan, Frances, Jeanette, Megan, Ramey.

Look at photographs from Annie, Emily, Frances, Jeremy, Liz, Pete, Ramey, Stacey, and Stacie.

Look at Annie's watercolors, Leigh-Anne's Walt Whitman idea sketch, Pete's image collage, and TC’s Shepherdstown “map.”

Read Lizzie's letter to Terry Tempest Williams (below) and learn more about Catherine's home in Keedysville, Maryland.



A Letter to Terry Tempest Williams

Dear Terry,

I was so impressed by your essay, “The Clan of One-Breasted Women” (from your book, Refuge). As a breast cancer survivor myself, I can relate to the fear and finality that can set in with a cancer diagnosis. And as a Hospice volunteer, I can also relate to your feeling of being a “midwife to the rebirth of their souls” so elegantly put in this work.

I know what it is like to witness death, and when any death is extremely difficult for the victim and we know it could possibly have been avoided, it is even more painful for everyone. I am filled with anger when there is even a hint of a “suspicious” cause. Your personal reflections absolutely can, and do, make a huge difference in inspiring the awareness necessary to change and/or reverse the questionable handling of our environment. That irresponsibility, as your work demonstrates, can have catastrophic results.

The loud noises created by your quiet pen definitely make a difference in our universe. Seems to me all through history we have experienced the “power of the mighty pen,” and I truly believe you are repeating that history.

Thank you, thank you!

Lizzie Lowe


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