“WebQuests” are guided, targeted explorations of Internet resources. Students in American Transcendentalism were provided with a new WebQuest each week. They completed the WebQuests as they jumped into the primary reading for the week (and sometimes the WebQuests included the links for the primary reading as well). Designed by Dr. Linda Tate and Dr. Patricia Dwyer, the WebQuests are full of rich resource material and innovative ideas for classroom instruction. 

WebQuest: Thinking Like a Transcendentalist
WebQuest: The Transcendentalist Spirit
WebQuest: Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance
WebQuest: Transcendentalism: Observing the World Around Us

WebQuest: Henry David Thoreau and Walden: The Great Experiment
WebQuest: Walt Whitman and the Space and Place of Transcendentalism
WebQuest: Emily Dickinson and the Space Inside

WebQuest: Frederick Douglass and the Transcendental Abolitionists
WebQuest: Louisa May Alcott's Little Women
WebQuest: The Push Westward and the Rise of the Preservation Movement
WebQuest: Laying the Foundation for Contemporary Nature Writing: John Burroughs and John Muir

WebQuest: The Rise of Twentieth-Century Environmentalism and the Impact of Henry David Thoreau

WebQuest: Contemporary Nature Poetry
WebQuest: Contemporary Nature Writing


“American Transcendentalism: An Online Travel Guide” was produced by students in ENGL 446, American Transcendentalism, and ENGL 447, American Literature and the Prominence of Place: A Travel Practicum. These courses were team-taught in the Department of English at Shepherd College (now Shepherd University), Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in Spring 2002 by Dr. Patricia Dwyer and Dr. Linda Tate. For more information on the course and the web project, visit “About This Site.” © 2003 Linda Tate.